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A mid-rise condominium building with a dynamic arts-focused ground-floor space for residents and the local community.

2021-08-11_3355 Kingston_Reissued for rezoning_edited.jpg

The proposed development is a mixed-use building along Kingston Road with a row of townhouses off Annis Road. Core Architects, an award-winning Canadian architecture firm, has been engaged to design a building form that is as equally eye-catching as it is functional.


Our vision is to transform this site, located in one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in Scarborough, into luxury homes for various ages and families, while preserving and celebrating the neighbourhood.


The proposed building will also include some residential units for artists, as well as a flexible studio space on the ground-floor that will serve the artists in the project, as well as residents in the neighbourhood.


This is where you can walk over to rent a studio to work, take a painting class, meet a local artist, or send your child to learn music, dance, or join a book reading club.

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How do we bring this vision to life?


Keep traffic on Kingston Road.

All access to the proposed development will be from Kingston Road. There will be no infiltration of traffic, including service vehicles, into the neighbourhood. The project is made of a mixed-use building along Kingston Road and townhouses off Annis Road.

3355 Kingston-Site_plan.jpg

Vehicle Entrance & Exit

Enhance the green canopy.

The development will maintain the existing green canopy and replace any removed trees within the green buffers on the edges of the project. These green buffers along the south are not obstructed beneath by an underground structure and can allow for allow for larger growth of trees in natural conditions.

Green Canopy
3355 Kingston-Aerial-After.jpg

Strengthen and grow the existing community.

A portion of ground-floor space will act as community space to promote neighbourhood connectivity and gathering. In addition, the variety of unit sizes will provide opportunities for people to stay in the neighbourhood.

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